Finca Dinamia
La Finca
El Moro 4000
Rama Caída - San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina
H. Yrigoyen 1545
San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina

Tel: +54 (0260) 443 8298

Movil: +54 260 406 4278

Movil (int): +54 9 11 5565 9005





Vid.A: The “Entry Level” of Finca Dinamia, in their presentations Malbec and Cabernet, both of them organic. They are fresh and modern wines. They combine Vid and Vida (Vine and Life) respecting nature and living beings of our agricultural eco-system: plants and animals. It recalls exceptional moments of life such as the challenges and new experiences, to live them fully while sharing a natural wine that takes care of the health of our planet as well as the health of people.