Finca Dinamia
La Finca
El Moro 4000
Rama Caída - San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina
Los Olivos 800 – Rama Caída
San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina

Tel: +54 (0260) 443 2175

Movil: +54 260 404 9094

Movil (int): +54 9 11 5565 9005




Dinamia Reserva

Dinamia Reserva: Our Premium Malbec, produced with Malbec grapes from our own Farm, in concrete ovoid vessels achieving a complete integration of the wine. After 10 months of aging in the oval vessel, it is aged in French oak barrels for another 10 months, accomplishing a deep red color and an elegant combination of fruity and herbal tastes, which give it excellent complexity and savor.