Finca Dinamia
La Finca
El Moro 4000
Rama Caída - San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina
Los Olivos 800 – Rama Caída
San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina

Tel: +54 (0260) 443 2175

Movil: +54 260 404 9094

Movil (int): +54 9 11 5565 9005



The Winery

The Winery

Finca Dinamia is a company producing Organic and Biodynamic premium fine wines, directed toward the most discerning palates of the International Market.

Founded by Alejandro Bianchi (3rd generation of Fine Wine Producers of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina). Based on years of professional expertise as marketing manager at Bodegas Bianchi, and motivated by his environmental spirit, he promotes the foundation of Finca Dinamia, a company specialized on the production of sustainable vineyards and wines, pioneer in this category in the south of Mendoza. Our premium flagship product is Buenalma Malbec wine, which holds the Organic – Biodynamic certification.

Finca Dinamia has, as its main goal, the collaboration with the improvement of our Planet Earth and the health of the environment where its vineyards are cultivated.

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