Finca Dinamia
La Finca
El Moro 4000
Rama Caída - San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina
Los Olivos 800 – Rama Caída
San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina

Tel: +54 (0260) 443 2175

Movil: +54 260 404 9094

Movil (int): +54 9 11 5565 9005



La Finca

The Farm

Located at a privileged area of San Rafael, Mendoza, it is perfect for the development of winegrowing activity due to its wide thermal amplitude, soils irrigated by thawing water from The Andes Mountain Range and scarce rains. It is the first farm comprising a Biodynamic Vineyard in the province, and the first organic vineyard in San Rafael.

The total surface of Finca Dinamia is of 25 hectares (61.8 acres), 14 hectares of which are cultivated with Malbec variety. The rest of the area is devoted to the development of a sustainable farm, with an orchard, a farmyard for the management of animals, among other amenities.

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