Biodynamic Production

Born from the finest grapes of San Rafael, where the “terroir” shows an original and identifiable typical quality, it is suitable for obtaining high standard wines.

With a joint work of selection and manual harvest of bunches, our wines begin their production. The bunches are carried in boxes of 20 kilograms each towards the winery so as to prevent them from crushing or smashing. We receive the bunches for stalk removing and then they are stored into stainless steel tanks (Buenalma), and into cement egg-shaped containers (Dinamia), for the maceration and fermentation of the future wine of the year.

Looking to continue with our biodynamic philosophy for the vineyard, we use cement egg-shaped containers, in which we found that, due to their natural insulation, they maintain a constant temperature without using artificial cold, and inside its oval shape without edges there is a continuous movement of the liquid, which keeps the lees in suspension achieving the roundness in the tannins of our Malbec, so as to obtain a round and soft final product.

After the fermentation, the free-run wine is separated as it is aged part in oak barrels for a natural stabilization, and part in cement egg-shaped containers, using egg-white from organic laying hens as a natural clearing agent.

Finally, our oenologist cuts the wine with the best malbec of the year, and then the different ranges of wine are bottled according to their quality. This gives origin to our three labels: Buenalma Malbec Rose, Buenalma Malbec, Dinamia Reserva Malbec.