Your Vineyard. Your Plants. Your Wines.

My Bio Vineyard
“The First Biodynamic Vineyard Membership to cultivate the Sense of Life"


My Bio Vineyard is the entrepreneurship that brings you the chance of being part of the first Organic-Biodynamic Vineyard, located in Mendoza in the San Rafael region.

Now you can experience your vineyard, your plants and your wines by accessing the exclusive membership that allows you to obtain the produce of the Malbec plants in Finca Dinamia, the organic and biodynamic estate created and developed by Alejandro Bianchi, following the innovative spirit of Don Valentín, his grandfather.

My Bio Vineyard will get you closer to the high-end wines, allowing you to gain the knowledge and understand the secrets of biodynamic agriculture. You will also be able to participate in the elaboration, tasting, and tilth processes, fully enjoying the connection with a privileged place because of its nature -unique in the world.

Membership to My Bio Vineyard is granted for 3 years and renewable for the same period, and will give you access to 4 days of lodging in the future Lodge of Finca Dinamia. Each member will be able to follow online the works done to their plants every day, through webcams.

Finca Dinamia, with its organic-biodynamic vineyard, the magnificent view to the mountains, the future lodge and guest house with rooms for members, turns into the first and exclusive Biodynamic Vineyard Lodge.

Members of My Bio Vineyard, in addition to experiencing and living the vineyard and wine elaboration experience, will be able to enjoy the diverse activities offered by the Lodge and by San Rafael, such as horseback riding, rafting in the Atuel River, sailing in Lake Los Reyunos and playing golf.

For further information, visit or call 155.668.1226 to arrange a meeting or invitation to tasting groups.

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