Our guest house features 2 rooms with private bathrooms, both with ample spaces. It boasts wide windows distributed so as to provide guests with unforgettable evenings, in addition to promoting a warm interaction with all views of the finca, such as the vineyards, the sierras, gardens, polo field and future winery.

Remodeling and decoration are the work of architect Livio Batistón, with a country style and using local noble materials of excellent appearance and in full harmony with the environment.

Our guest house is octagonal, since octagons symbolize the union between a square and a circle. The square represents the Earth and its four vertexes stand for the elements (earth, water, fire and air), and the circle, with its perfect shapes and with no edges, represents the sky. Therefore, the octagon is the combination between the sky and the Earth.

"The Knights Templar constructed curved rooftops for their buildings, shaped as domes, representing the supreme. These domes were supported by square columns. By placing four columns to create a vault and a circle within, the edges form an octagon, which symbolizes the union of the sky (the dome) and the Earth (the columns). For this reason, our guest house is so unique, and in it you can live in spiritual harmony, in full touch with nature.